OLLI @Berkeley is funded by a partnership between the Osher Foundation, UC Berkeley, income from dues and fees, and donations from members like you. Membership dues and fees cover 80% of the cost of running our programs, and endowment funding from the Bernard Osher Foundation covers approximately 10%. Gifts to OLLI's Annual Fund make up the difference. Your gifts support classroom technology, teacher salaries, and OLLI's fee assistance program (tripled since last year!) that makes our courses accessible to more people. 

Between now and April 8, you have a rare opportunity to double your support. A group of lead donors will match Annual Fund gifts up to $7,500. We need $15,000 in order to reach our Annual Fund goal this year. Please make your gift to OLLI today. 

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To donate by mail, make your check out to "UC Berkeley Foundation" and designate "OLLI Annual Fund" in the memo line.

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University of California, Berkeley
OLLI @Berkeley
P.O. Box 774
Berkeley, CA  94701-0774

We appreciate your considering OLLI in your philanthropic priorities.

OLLI @Berkeley is grateful for the support of these 2014-15 donors*:

Dean's Circle (gifts of $1,000 or more)

Roger and Ann Blundell
Howard and Deborah Goodman
Thomas and Bonnie Herman
Mark and Marjorie Medress
Jake Warner and Toni Ihara
Mason and Wendy Wilrich
anonymous (1)


Gifts under $1,000

Martin Abrams
Terry Alexander
Jay Aleck and Martha Salzman
Fred and Connie Allen
Walter and Milly Alvarez
Jody Ames
Mir Tamim Ansary
Robert and Evelyn Apte
Jose Arce and Melba Yee
Melvin and Barbara Bacher
Patricia Beimford
Robert and Linda Bekes
Mary Bergan
Audrey Berger
Geoff and Sandra Berggren
Gil Berkeley
Elizabeth Bero
Patricia Blanche
Kathy Bliss
Judith Bloom
Jan and Thomas Boyce
Bill and Patricia Boyd
Henry Brady and Patricia Kates
James Branson
Bob Brewer
Norman and Marcia Brockbank
Elizabeth and Mike Buckley
Helen Cagampang
Marian Cahir
Burt and Judith Calder
Martin and Barbara Carovano
David Casuto
Suzanne Chapot
Christine Chudd
Rose Cochran
Jill Cohn
Lowell Cooper and Susan Laughlin
Carolyn Cozart
Lynne Crowell
Sanford and Leslie Delugach
John Dickerson and Lynn MacDonald
James and Ilse Evans
Gary and Janet Evans
Beverly and David Farrell
Louis and Brigitte Fisher
Alan Fong
Ronald and Barbara Forsstrom
Jo Ellen Francis
Sharon Rosamond Francis
Dean and Marcine Francis
Thomas and Sharon Francis
Kenneth Frankel and Deborah Lichtman
Thomas Fraser
Kelly and Tom Fratar
Kathryn Fujisaka
Rich Fuller
John and Suzanne Gallagher
Michael and Marsha Gardner
Paul and Helen Gerken
John Gilman and Linda Kremer
Edith Gladstone
Paula Greer
Mary Hackenbracht
David Headley and Catherine Johnson
Howard Hertz
Calista Hintz
Charlton and Katherine Holland
Daniel and Judith Hoppe
Allan and Evelyn Humphrey
Henry and Susan Hutcher
Carol Hyman
Marcia Hymer
Phyllis Isaacson
George and Jacqueline Ivelich
Steven Jacobsohn
Loisann Jacovitz
Kevin James and Thomas Reilly
Howard and Christina Janssen
Doug and Anne Jensen
Cynthia Johnson
George and Kathleen Johnson
Armond and Kathi Jordan
Gerald and Geraldine Kaminski
Alan Kaufman
David and Deborah Kirshman
Patricia Klahn
Mark and Nancy Kliszewski
Isabel Knight
Laurel Kohn
Eileen Kraskouskas
Elroy and Deanna Kursh
William and Ana Lau
Jean Lave
Karen Lee
Linda Lee
Eva Liebermann
Eugenia Loken
Paul Mariano
Marcos and Janet Maestre
Carolyn Mahoney
Bonnie McKean
Charles and Erica Meyers
Amy Millar
Rima Miller
Brian Murphy and Susan Hoffman
Larry Nagel and Jean Gleason
Bill and Margaret Neilson
Gregory and Karen Nelson
Anne Ogonowski
Thomas and Sandra Olinger
Robin Olivier
Nancy Page
Theodore Paul
Ann Peden
E. Pelissero
John and Dorothy Pendergrass
Armando and Carol Picciotto
Diane Plank
Linda Polsby
Arthur and Lucille Poskanzer
Roy Powell and Judy Kirkpatrick
Lesley Pulaski
Donald and Mary Queen
Martha Smith Rabkin
Mary Reynolds
Fredrica Robertson
Gary and Jane Robinson
Carol Rosenblum
Rogelio Salcido
Cecile Scandone
Richard Schlenker and Carol Caputo
Laura Schlichtmann
Murray Schlussel and Sara Orem
The Charles Schwab Corporation
Harvey and Marilyn Schwartz
Warren Sharp and Louise Laufersweiler
John and Ruth Sechler
Gary and Anne Silber
Renee Simi
Michael Smith
George and Nancy Spaeth
Steve and Suzanne Spellman
Carol St. John
Romer and John Stevenson
Anna Stone
Mary Tansey
Ronald and Frances Tauber
Martin and Susan Tierney
Stephen Tobias
Robert and Judith Toll
William and Micki Turner
Bradford Wade
Blaine Waterman
Charles and Janet Weaver
Nancy Wen
Christine Werme
Ann Whalley
Rebecca Wheat
Anne Widerstrom
Mary Ann Winig
Margaret Wooster
Akiyo Yokoi
Philip and Kathryn Zimmerman (in honor of Wendy Willrich)
anonymous (32)

* as of 2/13/15