At OLLI @Berkeley, we depend on the energy, enthusiasm and powerhouse volunteerism of our members to help make our program the best it can be. We are grateful to the committee members noted here, and to the many others who contribute in other important ways.

Advisory Research Team

ART identifies UCSF/UCB-based research opportunities for OLLI member participation, conducts inquiry projects focused on teaching and learning, and explores ideas and issues to inform the curriculum or the OLLI member community.

  • Research Associate: Cheryl Brewster
  • Members: Lorraine Midanik, Sara Orem, David Presti, Peter Ralston
  • OLLI: Susan Hoffman

Curriculum Committee 

The Curriculum Committee reviews course proposals, meets with prospective faculty and advises OLLI staff on the curation of future academic terms.

  • Co-chairs: Susan Chamberlain, Gary Evans, Ann Peden 
  • Members: Amy Chung, Ilene Gordon, Bill Neilson, Lucille Poskanser, Linda Wing, Hugh Winig
  • OLLI: Susan Hoffman, Matt Shears

Development Committee 

The OLLI @Berkeley Annual Fund comprises approximately 10% of the OLLI @Berkeley budget. The Development Committee members set fundraising goals, plan the annual fund campaign, and organize volunteer fundraising outreach.

  • Co-chairs: Mark Medress, Wendy Willrich
  • Members: Terri Hearsh, Richard Hornberger, Gerry Kaminski, Mike Maidenberg, Eileen Savel, Murray Schlussel
  • OLLI: Susan Hoffman, Nancy Murr

Lafayette Planning Committee

The Lafayette Planning Committee provides important insights and outreach into Lafayette and neighboring communities.

  • Co-chairs: Judy Kirkpatrick, Nikki Maziasz
  • Members: Marty Aufhauser, John Daws, Tom Francis, Christina Janssen, Howard Janssen, Hugh Winig
  • OLLI: Susan Hoffman, Matt Shears

Member Services Committee 

The Member Services Committee works to build a strong sense of community and belonging through member-led activites, clubs and events.

  • Co-chairs: Joan Greer, Jerry Kaminski 
  • Members: Nikki Maziasz, Susan Sperber, Valerie Knepper
  • OLLI: Nancy Murr