OLLI @Berkeley is a stimulating community of inquiring adults, age 50 and above, exploring new areas of knowledge and traditional disciplines through courses, lectures, and events. There are no examinations or grades. OLLI faculty are experts in their fields and enthusiastic about teaching OLLI members, who bring a broad range of life experiences and knowledge to enrich the exchange of ideas. OLLI @Berkeley invites members to discover new friends, new knowledge, new capacities, and new ways to bring meaning and enjoyment to life.

OLLI @Berkeley offers an ongoing program of six-week courses, weekly lecture series, and special events for the community and provides a creative forum for new ideas and expressions. The OLLI classroom is a place where Berkeley's distinguished faculty and other leading experts share their research and interests. 

OLLI @Berkeley is:

  • A forward-thinking curriculum of courses, events, creative workshops, and lectures
  • An interdisciplinary forum for Berkeley faculty
  • An ongoing learning community of peers
  • An intellectual and cultural connection to the university and the city of Berkeley

OLLI @Berkeley was established in 2007 with generous support from the Bernard Osher Foundation.  

Core Community Values

The OLLI @Berkeley community, which includes staff, faculty, members and affiliates, is expected to adhere to the guiding principles which commit everyone in the broader UC community to the highest ethical standards. This principle of community is the foundation of the campus’s belief in ethical, legal and professional behavior in all of our dealings inside and outside the University. The Standards of Ethical Conduct apply to all members of the University community and by joining or participating in OLLI @Berkeley, you agree to be held to these standards of conduct. You can read the full code of conduct HERE.

Other OLLIs

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Partner Organizations

We partner with numerous organizations on campus and in the broader community.  Read more.