OLLI Berkeley Connections (also known as OLLIBConnect, or OBC) is an electronic bulletin board. The group is maintained and moderated by OLLI members for current OLLI members to connect with each other.

Members may request membership at any time by filling out this simple form

Type of Information Appropriate to Share with OLLIBConnect Members:

  • Information and questions of general interest to OLLI members
  • Keep it short—Keep the subject line brief and take lengthy comments off OLLI BConnect with a private reply to the original poster or an offer to meet for further discussion
  • Keep it positive—Refrain from negative or sarcastic comments; respect each other

Basic Instructions

Sending a message

  • To send a new message to all members of OLLIBConnnect, send an email to ollibconnect@googlegroups.com. The prefix [ollibconnect] will automatically be inserted in the subject line.

Replying to a message

  • Click “Reply” if your response is directed to the person who sent the original message
  • Click “Reply to All” if you want your response to go to all OLLIBConnect members
  • Note: "Reply to All" emails which do not add information or are deemed inappropriate will be rejected by the Moderators.


  • You do not need to change your regular email account address or password to use OLLIBConnect!
  • You do not need to go to the OLLIBConnect Homepage to send a message.
  • Put ollibconnect@googlegroups.com in your email address book.
  • You must be a member of OLLIBConnect to post messages to other members.

Type of Information NOT Appropriate to Share with OLLIBConnect Members:

  • Information related to buying or selling any item
  • Information about current affairs or politics 
  • Files or photo attachments
  • Personal comments or questions about OLLI (Call OLLI at 510-642-9934)
  • Continuing discussion on a topic of interest to just a few OLLIB Connect members (OLLI BConnect is not a discussion forum.  A private reply to the original poster is often the best response.)
  • Self-promotion of business events, products or services.