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Audit Summer Sessions courses with OLLI @Berkeley

OLLI @Berkeley Annual, All-inclusive, and Summer term members are allowed to audit Summer Sessions courses. All Summer Sessions courses are open to auditing, at the discretion of the instructor, with restrictions.

Courses restricted from auditing include, but are not limited to:

  • Language courses
  • Lab science courses
  • Courses from the Linguistic Institute
  • Courses with restricted enrollment
  • Reading and Composition (R&C) courses numbered R1A-B or R5A-B

To audit a course:

  • Visit the Summer Sessions website to find available courses
  • Contact the course instructor to request permission to audit
    (this is the responsibility of the auditor)
  • Present your OLLI @Berkeley Summer or Annual membership card to the instructor when you show up for class

Each course instructor determines the level of participation required, but it is assumed that auditors will not submit papers, take exams, or be evaluated for a grade.

Older adults are well known to be excellent students in higher education because they are generally not working for a degree and have the reputation of being pure scholars. Join OLLI @Berkeley and become part of a community of lifelong learners enjoying lectures, courses, Interest Circles, and Summer Sessions courses

Read the conditions for auditing.