OLLI Interest Circles meet in a variety of spaces. Among them are members' homes, public restaurants and cafes, and meeting rooms that can be reserved, such as those offered by many public libraries and private clubs.

To help interest circle formation, OLLI meeting space is available for interest circle meetings for a period up to one year from the time the group starts.

Where is the OLLI space?

Space for meetings is located at University Hall, 2199 Addison St. in Berkeley

How to reserve space

To reserve classroom space for an Interest Circles meeting, contact the OLLI Classroom Manager, at 510-642-9401.

Who is eligible to use OLLI space for Interest Circles?

OLLI classroom space is available for Interest Circles meetings in cases where all people in the circle are OLLI members. For ongoing ICs, OLLI space will be available for a period of up to one year.

Rules for using OLLI classroom space

Classroom space is at a premium, and is often reserved hour-to-hour. Therefore:

  • Keep to the scheduled time allotment, starting and ending at the reserved time. Do not use spaces you have not reserved.
  • Clean up, pick up, and rearrange furniture back into the configuration in which you found it.
  • Bring everything you need with you. Do not ask to borrow equipment or supplies from any other office in the building. (OLLI offices are not in the classroom building.) Interest Circles need to be self-sufficient in use of space and technology/AV. This is different from formal classes where we have student assistants to handle class support.
  • If your group will not need the space for any session which has been reserved, please inform the OLLI Classroom Manager as soon as you know.