What is an Interest Circle?

An interest circle is a member-organized, self-governing discussion or activity group, proposed by OLLI members and coordinated by participants.

Where can I learn more about a particular Interest Circle?

Contact berkeley_olli@berkeley.edu with questions. 

How do I join an Interest Circle?

By indicating your interest via the online sign-up forms that are circulated towards the end of every term, or by contacting berkeley_olli@berkeley.edu to learn whether a given Interest Circle is still meeting. 

How many Interest Circles can I participate in?

There is no limit on the number of Interest Circles in which you can participate. However, a group may choose to limit the number of participants due to space constraints, adequate discussion opportunities, or other preferences.

How often will the Interest Circles meet?

The frequency of the meetings will be determined by the participants in the group. Typically, this will be decided at the first meeting. Contact the IC facilitator for the current meeting schedule. 

Where will the Interest Circles meet?

The ICs will set their own meeting locations. This can be in members’ homes, OLLI space, or other offsite locations. (Learn more about guidelines on use of OLLI space.) In order to use OLLI facilities for IC meetings, all members of the interest circle must be OLLI members. Groups may meet in OLLI space for up to one year. To reserve meeting space, the IC facilitator should send an email to berkeley_olli@berkeley.edu with the requested date, time, and expected number of participants. 

How do I become a facilitator and what do I have to do?

The volunteer IC facilitator communicates with IC members, serves as the liaison to the OLLI office, requests space as needed, and provides IC and meeting information to post on OLLI’s website.