What's the Member Dashboard?

All OLLI members have their own Member Dashboard, which is created automatically when they first become members. It is unique to them. The Member Dashboard includes essential information in three distinct blocks:

  • My Schedule includes your course schedule and the Zoom link(s) to access livestream classes;
  • My Course Materials includes YouTube links to class videos, reading materials and more.
  • My Membership shows contact information, account information, communications preferences, password and more;

How do I get to my Member Dashboard?

To access the Member Dashboard, you must first log into your OLLI account. If you are not already logged into your OLLI account, you'll see "LOG IN" in the menu. Click that and then enter your OLLI ID and password.


If you're already logged into your account, but browsing elsewhere on the site, you'll see "MY ACCOUNT" in the top menu. Click that. It will take you directly to your Member Dashboard.

I've forgotten my OLLI account password.

No worries. Here's how to reset it:

  1. Enter your username or email here and click "Log in."
  2. You will see an error message. Click "Have you forgotten your password?"
  3. Enter your username or email address and click "Email new password."

You will receive an email with further instructions. If you have not received the email within five minutes, please check your Spam folder.

Is my OLLI account the same thing as a Zoom account?

NO. They are two different accounts.

Do I need to have a Zoom account to attend an OLLI livestream class or event?

YES. You must have a Zoom account (it's free!) — and be logged into your Zoom account — to access all OLLI livestream courses and events. This is a UC Berkeley requirement. 

I already have a Zoom account. Do I need to create a new one just for OLLI?

NO. If you already have a Zoom account, you're set! That's all you need.

I don't have a Zoom account. How do I set one up?

Create a FREE Zoom account here on the Zoom websiteClick the orange "Sign Up, It's Free" button. It takes less than a minute to set up. 

Are all OLLI courses livestreamed and recorded?

NO. We offer three course types: 

  • Livestream Only: Attend class on Zoom on its scheduled day and time as you would an in-person class. It is not video recorded.
  • Livestream + Recorded: Attend class live via Zoom on its scheduled day and time and/or view a recording of it on YouTube at your convenience.
  • Encore: Watch pre-recorded videos of popular courses from a previous term at your leisure and attend two livestream conversations with the faculty.

Each course page specifies the type of course.

Where do I find the link to my Zoom livestream class?

Go to My Schedule in your Member Dashboard. Click "Zoom Livestream Link" listed under the course title a few minutes before the class's scheduled start time.

If you're registered for more than one course, make sure you are clicking on the correct Zoom livestream link. (You won't break anything if you don't. It's just that it won't get you into the right class because each course has its own unique Zoom link.)

Do I need to log into my Zoom account before clicking the "Zoom Livestream Link"?

YES. Log into your Zoom account first, and then click the "Zoom Livestream Link" listed under My Schedule in your Member Dashboard.

I've clicked "Zoom Livestream Link" and got this:

If this pops up, it means you are not logged into your Zoom account. Click "Sign In to Join." This message is coming to you from Zoom, not OLLI.

Now it's asking me for my password. Is that my OLLI password or my Zoom password? 

It's your Zoom password. Enter the email you used to sign up for Zoom and your Zoom password, then follow the prompts to enter the class.

It's asking me for a Captcha Code. What's that?

A Captcha Code is another layer of protection. Simply enter the letters you see behind the scratches (in this instance, pxhxk) in the blank space to the left, then click "sign in."

Sometimes I have to enter my Zoom password to get into class, and other times I don't. Why?

If you click "Zoom Livestream Link" and go straight to your OLLI class, that means you're already logged into Zoom. Chances are, the last time you left a class or event held on Zoom, you clicked "leave" but did not log out of Zoom itself. If you clicked "Stay signed in" when you logged into Zoom at some point, Zoom has kept you logged in. 

If you click "Zoom Livestream Link" and have to enter your Zoom account information, that means you aren't already logged into Zoom. 

I missed the livestream class. How, when and where do I watch a video of it?

Videos of our "Livestream + Recorded" courses post weekly beginning the first Friday of term and remain in your account through the end of term.

Please note that not all of our courses are recorded. Some are "Livestream Only," which means they are not recorded to view later. Course types — "Livestream-Only", "Livestream + Recorded", and "Encore" — are specified on each course page. 

To access a video recording of a course that has been recorded, simply log into your account. Scroll down to My Course Materials. Click on the blue View Course Materials.

After you click on View Course Materials, you'll see the class video(s). For example:

Click on the video image to watch. You DO NOT need Zoom to watch a pre-recorded video. It's hosted on our private YouTube channel. You may either watch in Course Materials or click the small "YouTube" logo on the bottom right corner of the video to watch it on YouTube, where you have the option to view it full screen.

How Do Encore Courses Work, Exactly?

Each term we offer two "Encore" courses, which consists of pre-recorded videos and two livestream conversations with the instructor. We post the pre-recorded videos on the first day of term in the My Course Materials box in the Member Dashboard. 

You do not need Zoom to access or view the videos because they're posted on our private YouTube channel. You simply need to click "View Course Materials" to find the links, and enjoy.

The Zoom link associated with an Encore course is only required to attend the two scheduled livestream conversations.