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OLLI @Berkeley is funded by a partnership between the Osher Foundation, UC Berkeley, income from dues and fees, and donations from members like you. Your donations support OLLI's broad goal of enhancing quality of life and health outcomes for people over 50 by allowing our program to attract and retain quality faculty and and make investments in our facilities such as installing hearing-assistance devices. 

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2013–14 OLLI @Berkeley Annual Fund Donors

OLLI@Berkeley gratefully acknowledges those individuals whose contributions helped us build our rich and growing program. We regret any errors or omissions. (List current as of 3/4/14)

$5000 and above


Howard and Deborah Goodman
Mark and Marjorie Medress
Ralph "Jake" Warner and Toni Ihara

Tom and Kelly Fratar

Michael and Ilene Gordon
Maureen Maziasz

Lorraine Parmer

Scott Wachter and Barbara Malina

Mason and Wendy Willrich


Jeffrey and Beverly Jean Baus

Charlotte Blackford

James and Ilse Evans
Alan Fong
Rich Fuller
Edith Gladstone
Margaret Hartmann

Susan Kinloch
Linda Lee-Loza
Diane Plank
Murray Schlussel and Sara Orem

Alison Steel

Joseph and Judith Workman


David Anderson
Roger and Ann Blundell
Michael and Linda Delehunt
Kathleen Demerdjian

John Dickerson and Lynn MacDonald

Newton Fong

Terri Hearsh
George and Jacqueline Ivelich

Douglas and Anne Jensen

Suzan Kaufmann
David and Janice Lawrence

Charles and Helene Linker
Brian Murphy and Susan Hoffman

Gregory and Karen Nelson

Lucille Poskanzer
Donald and Mary Queen
Allyn Saroyan
Laura Schlichtmann
Nancy Spaeth

Lesley Tannahill
Caroline Todd
Claudine Torfs


William and Julia Anderson

Lynn Bailiff and Fran Cooper
Barrett and Susan Baskin
Edward Bayer
Joanna Beam
Patricia Beimford

Michael Bentivoglio and Deborah Dasovich

Patricia Blanche
Clifford Block
Susan Boyle
Elizabeth Brady
James Branson
Cheryl Brewster
Peter Cahill and Caroline Todd

Lawrence and Barbara Cahn
Claudia Cate
Curtis and Robin Caton
Susan Chamberlain
John Daws
John Dickerson and Lynn MacDonald
Alisa K. Einwohner
Jack Elliott and Kathleen Barrows
Deborah Enelow
Edwin and Sandra Epstein

Gary and Janet Evans
Thomas and Bonnie Farber
Robert Farina
Anne Foreman
Jane Gebers
Sidney Glass
Michael and Susan Green
Paula Greer
Mary Hackenbracht

Neil Handelman and Karyn O'Mohundro
William and Elizabeth Anne Hook

Marcia Hymer

Steven Jacobsohn

Gerald and Geraldine Kaminski
Allan Kaufman

John and Dana Kirby
David and Deborah  Kirshman
Susan Klee
Laurel Kohn
Elroy and Deanna Kursh

Linda Lee-Loza
Marcos and Janet Maestre

Mary McConnon
William and Suzanne McLean
Matthew Morse and Susan Mattmann
William and Jane Neilson
Janet Oppenheimer
Charlene O'Rourke
Theodore Paul
Anita Pearson
E J Pelissero
Linda Perkins
Martin Pollard
Fredrica Robertson
Elizabeth Rogers
Ruth Rosen
Ellen Rosenau

Robert and Herminia Sayre
Laura Schlichtmann
Harvey and Marilyn Schwartz
Stephen and Susan Shortell
Patricia Sigworth
Michael Smith
Ronald and Frances Tauber
Charles and Janet Weaver

Margaret Weitkamp
Christine Werme

Byron and Nancy Wood
Stephen W Wood
Richard and Barbara Yoder

Up to $99

Abbey Achs

Capt and Barbara Addicott
Kris Albert

J. Fred and Connie Allen
Donald and Margaret Alter
Jody Ames
Daniel Anker
Robert and Evelyn Apte
Martin and Judith Aufhauser

Linda Bekes
William and Mabry Benson

Mary Bergan
Audrey Berger

Larry Bilick
Kathy Bliss

BB Borowitz
Joshua and Patricia Bortman
Thomas and Janice Boyce
Marcia Brockbank
Bruce Brown
Robert and Barbara Budnitz
Ted and Louise Burton
Burton and Judith Calder

Gary and Mari Campbell

Miriam Ciochon
Rose Ann Cochran

Howard Cohen

Murray and Betty Cohen
Kate Coleman
Barbara Conheim
Sanford and Leslie Delugach
Barbara Denson
Marcia Diaz
Daniel Ehnbom and Laurel Steele
Mark Erickson
Sue Estey

Ruth Flaxman
Dean Francis
Thomas L. Fraser

Mary Gerber
Paul and Helen Gerken
Linda Gerson
Mary Ghidella
Garrett Grant and Jennifer Sobol
Elizabeth Greene

Emma Haft
Carol Hayden
Anna Haynes
Patricia Heer

Mary Heller
Dora Henel
Cheryl Hess
Calista Hintz
Richard and Marsha Hiscocks
Vance Hitchner and Catherine Candee
Carol Honegger

Elizabeth Hook
Mary Jacobs
Loisann Jacovitz

Howard and Christina Janssen

Jon Johnsen

Hilary Kaiser

Charlene Kalagian
Elliott and Patricia Kapchan

Judy Keene
Jeffrey and Judith Kennedy
Grayson and Jenifer Kirtland
Patricia Klahn
Taree Lyn Klausner
Carol Klein
Mark and Nancy Kliszewski

Germaine LaBerge

Nancy Lane

Nancy Larsen

Karen Lee

Norman and Muriel Lemoine

Mark Leonard and Sharon Karp-Lewis

Stuart Lichter and Marylin Kaplan
Deborah Lichtman
Eva Liebermann
Jack Litewka and Jane Ellis
Robert C Livsey
Eugenia Loken
Dorothy Lyons
Robert and Ruby Macdonald
Barbara Macnab
James and Mary Manning
Jacquelyn Marie
Thomas and Margaret McAlone
Michael Messer and Mary Eilerman
Amy Millar
Rima Miller
Melvin and Mildred Mogulof
Laurence Nagel

Carol Naito

James Nelson and Margery Eriksson
Hiroshi and Kishiko Nikaido
Elisha and Ilana Novak
Linnea Obrien
Leslie Perttula

Bernard Peuto and Anne Bertaud-Peuto
Linda Polsby
Peggy Poole
Lesley Pulaski
Lawrence and Janet Quilici
Martha Rabkin

Evelyn Randolph
Thomas Reilly and Kevin James
Dale Roberts and Katharine Harps
Kenneth Robin

Barbara Rogers
Edward and Sandra Rogin
Rogelio Salcido
Dan and Ellen Salomon
Martha Murray Salzman

Cecile Scandone
Richard Schlenker and Carol Caputo
Jack and Ruth Sechler

Gayle Sells
Alice Sheehan
Elizabeth Sibley
Florence Siegel

Betty Smith
Roberta Spike
Deanne Stone

Bhuma Subramaniam
Michael and Patricia Sullivan
Richard and Barbara Sutliffe
Svend and Suzanne Svendsen

Mary Tansey
Martin and Susan Tierney

Kathleen Tyson
Mark Wegner and Ruth Korn
Neil and Madeline Weinstein
Debra Weintraub
Nancy Wen
Ben and Carolyn Werner
Ann Whalley
Margaret Wooster
Linda Wroth
Akiyo Yokoi

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